Services Offered by Outdoor Living Care

At Outdoor Living Care, we take pride in providing a comprehensive range of services to meet all your outdoor construction and maintenance needs. Our expert team, based in the heart of Austin, Texas, is dedicated to transforming your residential and commercial spaces into thriving, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments. Explore our diverse service offerings:

Concrete Services

From functional to decorative concrete, our skilled team provides top-notch concrete solutions tailored to your requirements.

Asphalt and Road Base

Smooth and durable surfaces are our specialty. Whether it’s asphalt paving or road base installation, we deliver quality that stands the test of time.

Excavation & Compaction

Precision is key in excavation and compaction. Our team excels in creating the groundwork for your projects with accuracy and expertise.


Clear the way for new possibilities with our professional demolition services. We handle projects of all sizes, ensuring a safe and efficient process.

Large Plant Installation

Elevate your landscape with large plant installations. Our expertise extends to selecting, placing, and caring for plants that thrive in your outdoor environment.

Haul-off service

Enjoy a clean slate when a project is completed with our haul-off service of debris and old material. 


Structural integrity matters. Our welding services guarantee strong and reliable connections for a wide range of applications.

Land Clearing

Transform overgrown or unused spaces into a blank canvas for your outdoor visions. Our land clearing services create a fresh start for your projects.

Pond Maintenance

Enhance the beauty of your property with well-maintained ponds. Our team ensures that your water features are not only attractive but also sustainable.

Field Grass Shedding

Maintain the lushness of your fields with our specialized grass shedding services. We keep your outdoor spaces vibrant and healthy.

Our Working Process


Discuss your project goals and requirements with our experts to create a tailored plan for your outdoor space.


Our team develops a detailed blueprint, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient approach to your project.


Skilled professionals bring your vision to life, utilizing top-notch equipment and materials for quality construction and landscaping services.


A thorough review ensures the completed project meets our high standards and exceeds your expectations. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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